19 March 2010

In our study

In Our Study is a new book discussion forum that was started by Beverly (PoMoGolightly) and Amy (KnitThink).
  • We love books, and we’re excited to explore in greater depth the books we love. In Our Study was created as a virtual reading group, as a place to share texts and to learn from each other.
  • We decided that a worthwhile approach would be to read books about the writers of our beloved books, as well as to gather information about the cultural context of the books.
How could I resist?
Since I bought this book as soon as it hit the shelf at Borders, I really could not resist the opportunity to join the discussion. Lisa (Knitted and Purled) joined as well. The first discussion will begin on Sunday, the 21st. Please come over and join the discussion!


Beverly said...

Thanks for the promo! I'm enjoying the book so much and can't wait to discuss it!

Carrie K said...

It sounds wonderful! Maybe I can join in on the next book.

Lost City Denise said...

I swear - you are so connected! You find the coolest groups on Ravelry!