15 March 2010


Resolved :

I am only allowed to start a new knitting project if I am also working on an unfinished object.

This weekend, I dug this up from the bottom of a very pretty, and very neglected knitting bag. I started it in 2007. I brought it to knitting group yesterday, so my resolution is out there. It took awhile for me to figure out what configuration of feather-and-fan I had done, but then I just sailed away on it.

Years ago, the KnitPicks colourway was called "fly fishing." Now, the closest colourway they have is called is called "lily pad multi," but the greens have morphed into olive, and the brownish bits are gone.

I like the brownish bits, and I don't think of the colourway as "fly fishing." Now I think of it as "John Muir," thanks to my dear and lovely friend Caitlin, from Crescent Knits, who introduced me to the glory of his writings. The colourway takes me into a thick pine forest, with fragrant pine needles underfoot that muffle my footsteps, and invoke an ancient silence. When I look up, I can see the sky, blue and clear.

It makes me happy to knit this scarf.

I will finish it in 2010.


~ Jinn said...

It's neat when a knit project becomes associated with a time and place, and every time you work on it or wear it you're reminded.

esuzabeth said...

Oh... may I please adopt your resolution? I cannot begin to list the number of WIPs I have going. But it never prevents me from casting on something new. Perhaps the requirements of concurrency will work!

Kristin said...

That is a fabulous resolution. I'm with you all the way, sister.

Nicole said...

Great idea... but not one I could bring myself to join you on. I love starting new projects too much. (Don't worry. I'll go on a finishing kick soon too. It just goes in waves.)

Nicole said...

Oh - and my word verification was "sping". So it matches the season: it's almost "spring!" :D

KnitNana said...

Good for you! You'll finish it.

Khadijha Caitlin said...

Oh I love it! Check this out everyone - John Muir's birthday is April 21st why not sign up to restore Hetch Hetchy at

make sure you select private or your private info will be on the web.

Roggey said...

Very pretty pattern!

I'm a knitting floozy - I knit when the mood strikes me, no matter how many other projects that are strewn about half-finished, begging for my attention.