19 February 2010

Friday fill-ins


1. Johnny Weir is a nice name, but I don't know who he is.

2. I haven't seen much of the 2010 Olympics except for the curling. I love curling because it's so very very odd, and because I wish those people would come and sweep my house!

3. And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud eased.

4. Play a game of Candyland if you get an urge, and have all the appropriate candy handy!

5. Having sweet dreams (see #4).

6. What does it take to tell a child that you love her sneakers? A little boy was wearing the cutest sneakers the other day at Barnes and Noble, and he and his father had fun taking turns telling me things about the colour orange.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to listening to "Famous Blue Raincoat" while driving home, tomorrow my plans include a trip to the post office to mail some goodies to friends, and Sunday, I want to be happy and calm, and to work on my pretty, lavender cowl.

"Famous Blue Raincoat" is a song by Leonard Cohen, and Jennifer Warnes has a wonderful, graceful voice that suits the song beautifully.


Lost City Denise said...

Isn't everything by Leonard wonderful!

Daphne said...

If you like flamboyant cute gay men (and who doesn't?) you'll love Johnny Weir. I don't even like skating all that much but he's fun to watch.

I do not understand curling.

But I do love Cohen!

Donna Lee said...

I love kids' sneakers! I love to watch them walk with the lighted ones (actually, I'd buy myself the light up ones if I could find them).