11 December 2009

MaozTsur - Happy Chanukah

One of our family's Chanukah traditions was to listen to the song "Maoz Tzur" after we lit the candles on our silver menorah. The menorah had a music box in its base, so all we had to do was move a silver switch, reminding us that "a great miracle happened there."
Maoz Tzur is taken from the phrase "Fortress, Rock...." from Isaiah 17:10 according to most. The title is taken from the opening words, as is Jewish custom of the musical accompaniment.
The song is fitting for Hanukkah due to the content of the song. The song reminds us of the history of the Jewish People and our hope for freedom and restoration of self-determination from our foes. It expresses hope for the rebuilding of Jerusalem and the Bet HaMikdash. And the song thanks God for delivering us from Egypt, Babylonia and Haman. Specifically it reminds us of the miracle of Hanukkah. Lastly, it includes a prayer for the restoration of Israel.
(source: About.com)

The lyrics (stanza 1):

Rock of ages, let our song

Praise Your saving power;

You, amid the raging foes,
Were our sheltering tower.
Furious they assailed us,
But Your arm availed us,
And Your word,
Broke their sword,
When our own strength failed us.

Would you like to hear the song?

A happy and healthy Chanukah to all.


Nicole said...

Happy Chanukah! May it be a blessed year for you and yours.

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Happy Chanukah!!!

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Happy Chanukah!!

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Happy Chanukah!!

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Happy Chanukah and blessings to you and your family.

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And to you, my darling friend.

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Happy Chanukah, Solstice, and every kind of wonderful wish to you.