09 October 2009

little things I've been meaning to write, and Friday fill-ins

Do you love fountain pens? Do your hands sometimes look as though you have soaked them in ink? Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser will make your hands look like human hands again. (I can't answer for your cuticles. Tell everyone you have invented a new style of manicure.)

Have you seen Awful Library Books? You'll laugh, you'll groan... We librarians have to weed the book collection. Weeding is a necessary evil because buildings do not stretch. Awful Library Books displays some of the truly horrible stuff still on library shelves. There must be a middle ground between "keep everything" and "go after your collection with a weed-whacker."

I am addicted to Farmville. Darn that Facebook! I tried Yoville, but didn't enjoy myself there, partly because the only way I found to earn money was to suffer in a bakery, making cookies I couldn't eat. Farmville has become my online dollhouse, with cute animals, trees, crops, and darling things you can buy to dress up the place. (I'm saving up for a pink flamingo.) At one point, I had 7 baby elephants, all gifts, thank you, but I had to sell them because they made the rest of my animals wander. I found a horse in the rice paddy, chickens hiding behind banana trees, a duck and a baby elephant staring each other down, and a swan roosting in a tree. Unacceptable.

And now - Friday fill-ins.


1. Sweet dreams are made of this.

2. I want an iPod Nano especially for me, but I'm torn between purple and grey, and I can't justify the purchase until my little Sansa fails. Which it never will. Apparently, Sensa doesn't subscribe to planned obsolescence.

3. Silliness is obsessing over the colour of a Nano one isn't going to buy.

4. I want to dress like a Moleskine this Halloween.

5. Outstanding or not is too damn subjective.

6. Dancing and cheering and crying with joy is what I want right now because Barak Obama has won the Nobel Prize! I haven't been this excited about a Nobel winner since it was awarded to Jimmy Carter!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to hearing what Bill Maher has to say about the award, tomorrow my plans include listening to the sound of heads exploding because of the award, and Sunday, I want to knit on very large needles with my peeps!


Carrie K said...

I want to see your costume. Desperately.

For a few horrible minutes today, I thought our library system had NO copies of Robert Penn Warren's All the King's Men but DID have 7 copies of the DVD.

I can't go to FaceBook often. I peek in and then FLEE! FLEE! It's overwhelming.

Ryan said...

OMG. I love the library books link. My favorite is "Anyone Can be Cool... But Awesome Takes Practice." It sounds most informative. I'm also knitting on giant needles. I'll see you and your needles on Sunday!

Donna Lee said...

I always wondered how librarians decided who gets to stay and who goes.

I'm a little confused as to why Mr. Obama deserves the prize. What has he done to further world peace? I think he's a good man and maybe this is meant to encourage him but I think it may be premature. I keep picturing him sitting in the White House wondering what he did to deserve such an honor (I don't think he overrates himself like some of our presidents have)

KnitNana said...

he. I can't believe you can knit on big needles (I can't - they hurt)

And I've steered away from all Facebook games, except Bejeweled Blitz. But I'm convinced it's rigged b/c as soon as I make a great score, I no longer get the tiles that make big scores possible - till next week, when the count begins again.

A little something is on it's way to you...

Thomas said...

I have wasted many a moment at work looking at the awful library site.