24 May 2009

a tea accident a/k/a a spider on acid took over my house

oh please, please don't askDear friends who knit at Panera,

I am sorry that I spilled tea all over the table this afternoon. By the grace of the the Mighty Favog, I think I only messed up my own knitting. (Please.)

Anyway, when I took my tea-stained yarn and stuff into the bathroom at Panera and soaked it in cold water, I forgot that water permeates porous matter. I truly was surprised to get home and realize that the inner-deepest-most bits were very, very wet. Sigh.

- So everything is drying now (see? I created a sculpture ), and all will be well. I promise to keep the lid on my tea from now on. Forgive me?




OfTroy said...

obviously you suffered most!
No tea (it was all about!)
and wet yarn..

If you hadn't mentioned it, it would be forgot by now!
(the drop that got on my yarn had dried before i left Panera's

but i had a mishap of my own.. I careless put my cup (filled with ice water) into the paper shopping
bag (with the lid not sealed) and i too have damp yarn (and all of it tumbles out of the bottom of the bag when i lifted it!)

Donna Lee said...

Ouch, what a mess. It looks like you'll be untangling yarn for a while.

KnitNana said...

I know you feel terrible, but it looks as if it will be okay...winding that yarn back up might be a bit of a challenge...but you're up to it!

Larjmarj said...

Ugh..of all things to have happen.

Carrie K said...

Oh no! Good thing it's summer.

Denise~ said...

It is a lovely sculpture though!

Debby said...

Oh, I hope everything dries OK and you're able to untangle that yarn! I fear doing that one day myself, because I leave my tea everywhere.