15 April 2009

Contest winner, and musings

Congratulations to Denise of Clear Creek Lavender! - You have won Dewey and something yarny. Thank you all for your contributions to Heifer International.

Re: teabagging. Newsday columnist Ellis Hennican posted a Tweet that says it all.
  • Top marginal tax rates: Reagan (50%), Kennedy (77%), Eisenhower (91%), Clinton (39.6%). Today? (35%). Oh my God! Pass the Lipton! Tea time!
Anna has posted a link and meditation about Susan Boyle : Some days, life gets it right. Indeed it does.

Judith Krug has died. Whether you know who she is or not, please read her obituary in the New York Times. She was important.

And finally, (not) wordless.

Strawberry fields


KnitNana said...

What a smart woman Ms. Krug's mom was...and I, for one, will be saying a prayerful "thank you" to Ms. Krug.

(Thank you for the link and the information...)
(love your Imagine photo)

Bridget said...

I think that the world has no idea what they have lost in Judith Krug. God Bless Her.

Aunt Kathy said...

congratulations Denise