16 January 2009

Friday fill-ins

1. Enough with the farewell tour already. Just. Go. Away.

2. Cataloging 48-page nonfiction books for teenagers
causes me to be conflicted because it makes me sad to realize that the future of in-depth curiosity is not promising.

3. I've been craving warmth.

4. Mutts
makes me laugh.

5. I wish I could go to London next week (which kind-of conflicts with #3. I am just stuffed with conflict today.)

6. Change has been on my mind lately.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to soup, tomorrow my plans include soup, and Sunday, I want to knit with my friends after I have some soup.


Gal Friday said...

I am sure the coldest, nastiest weather would be endurable in London. (I spent a few weeks in a European city in grey dismal March once but remember enjoying myself inspite of the weather)
Hmm... whose farewell tour might that be?(I shut my TV off last night...)

KathieB said...

I agree! My only trip to Paris was during March, and I thought that just about everything I encountered there was enchanting beyond words, despite gray weather.

Far less enchanting is the -15F air temp at my house in Wisconsin this morning.

LICraftgal said...

I agree with just go already for sure!!! And did you say soup?? That's whats on the stove now, chicken soup, with dumplings for dinner!! And yes I also want warmth, hence the soup.

junebug said...

I wish I could go to London next week too!

OfTroy said...

the last of my carrot ginger soup is defrosting in the fridge --and earlier this week i finished off the last of the turkey barley soup..
if i want more soup, i have to make a pot..
(maybe a nice pot of chili, and another of vegitarian lentil..)

Kath said...

Here's a hug to make you feel warm!

Change is good. don't hesitate.

Happy blogging!

Terri said...

If I'm reading it right, I think our #1 are similar! Love the cartoon!

Enjoy your soup! What kind? I was shocked when someone brought some Costco chicken noodle soup to a potluck - it was actually some of the best soup I've had in awhile! Who knew?

Bridget said...

Mutts rocks.

That is all.

Merrily we roll along said...

Amazing;I just finished blogging about change and randomly picked a blog out of my list and found that, "change" was being mentioned!
It MUST be in the air!
My husband and I were in Paris one dreary December and TOTALLY enjoyed EVERY moment..
weather while travelling in such wonderful places NEVER matters!
yummm homemade soup..good idea!

Stacey said...

I made soup three times this week and going to make more this weekend. It is the best comfort food every.

I am going to knit with my LYS on Sunday and looking forward to it.

Nicole said...

I love Mutts! And soup. Soup is good.

Paula said...

even in gray dismal weather I will go to London with you!
The tour guide we had on our UK trip lived in London and said, "There is no bad weather just bad clothing."

adrienne said...

Why didn't you say you wanted to go to London - I'm there with you! I'll go anytime!!