13 December 2008

Give a Goat : book tour for Heifer International

Give a Goat by Jan West Schrock is on a Blog Tour! Ms. Schrock, the daughter of Heifer International founder Dan West, writes the true story of a fifth-grade class in Maine that learns how to makes a difference in the world through the gift of generosity. Check out the interviews, reviews, and suggestions so far -- and come back for my own review on Thursday!
Also, you can read a wonderful interview at
School Library Journal.

Monday, Dec. 8: The Well Read Child
Tuesday, Dec. 9: Mitali's Fire Escape
Thursday, Dec. 11: On My Bookshelf
Friday, Dec. 12: The
Wild Rumpus Starts
Saturday, Dec. 13: The Well-Read Child (interview with Ms. Schrock)
Sunday, Dec. 14: In the Pages
Tuesday, Dec. 16: Bri Meets Books
Wednesday, Dec. 17: Through the Looking Glass
Thursday, Dec. 18: Tea Leaves!

Friday, Dec. 19: Becky's Book Reviews
Saturday, Dec. 20 - Crazy 4 Kids Books
Sunday, Dec. 21: Read These Books and Use Them


KSD said...

Said it before: I am so proud of you!

adrienne said...

I'm proud and so excited for you! Brava, my friend! And the story is of a class in Maine - yay for my state:). Can't wait to read it!

Donna Lee said...

What a good idea and what excellent timing!