31 October 2008


Leah at The Octogon tagged me with the Book Edition of 7 things about me. This one is fun!

1. I love marginalia, but I never write any. All of the notes I take are in little notebooks or random scraps of paper, and they rarely find their way into the right book. Months after I've read the book, I'll find a scrap that says "Newfoundland, maybe?" and I'll have No Idea. None.

2. If Nancy Atherton ever stops writing her Aunt Dimity mysteries, I shall weep. Even though I haven't read the last 3 of them, I know that Reginald and Aunt Dimity are waiting for me.

3. When I was reading Janwillen van de Wetering's Amsterdam novels. I developed a yen for a sundae with vanilla ice cream with pineapple topping because he wrote about one.

4. When I was reading Falling in Place by Ann Beattie, I developeed a yen for Swiss cheese on pita bread with mushrooms (see above).

5. Not only did I love The Borrowers when I was young, I wanted to be one. Just as most young girls want to be Jo March, I wanted to be Arietty. Still do.

6. I still want to be Jo March, too.

7. One of my life goals is to walk Mrs. Dalloway's route in England.


Leah said...

I love your foodie ones, and the Mrs Dalloway walk around London. I hope you manage to fulfill that one some day.

Stefanie said...

What fun answers! I would love to follow Mrs. Dalloway around London too.

Carrie K said...

I wanted to be Arriety too. Too funny about loving marginalia but writing on scraps.

Maw Books said...

I read a lot of books to and when a yummy food is mentioned, I want it! Luckily, a lot of authors are approachable and I've managed to get one or two recipes from the book!