05 August 2008

this is so wrong, and so is that

First things first. Kim did this blog thing, so I had to do it too. (I deleted the graphic in the interest of - well, in the interest of my own lack of enthusiasm for it.)

What's the Recipe for Your Personality?
3 parts flirtation
2 parts magnetism
1 part panache
Splash of glamour
Finish off with whipped cream

I do not flirt, I only use panache on waffles, and I loathe whipped cream. (My husband loves whipped cream but hates radishes. We're a perfect couple. Both of us get the desserts and salads of our dreams.)

So much for the trivial stuff. Deep breath. This is so horrific that - well - I just can. not. bear. it. The movie that has defined my life, the most totemic movie in my entire lifetime - even more so than Fantasia, and that's saying something - is being remade. Has been remade.

I've seen the trailer.

klaatu The Day the Earth Stood Still will no longer be known as the film in which aristocratic Michael Rennie and wise Sam Jaffe (Klaatu and Dr. Barnhardt) tell the world that we must eliminate war on our planet or risk destruction by peacekeepers who have channelled their power to eliminate war on theirs.

Now, Keanu Reeves will be the alien messenger and John Cleese will play the wise scientist from ...The Ministry of Silly Walks? WHY??

When my husband told me about this on Saturday, I nearly cried. Remakes. BAH. Can't Hollywood leave well enough alone already? Is Hollywood going to conjure up remake after remake after remake until....
sorceror's apprentice


Aunt Kathy said...

I hate to admit it but I have never seen the day the earth stood still. How can this have happened?

And not knowing that it existed I might have unknowingly watched the other and not known the difference.


Bridget said...

Gnarly, dude.

KSD said...

Serious disdain for remakes in general, and this one is especially odious. Maybe you could use some of your flirtation and glamour to convince the producers against it?

Carrie K said...

I feel your pain. When I'm Empress of the Universe, I'll have all copies other than the real movie destroyed.

Also, if your husband isn't around, I'd be happy to eat any excess whipping cream.

teabird said...

Bridget, gnarly indeed. But the Dude will abide.

Anna said...

Geez. Who do I need to shoot? I am cringing.

What hurts more is that I know I'll have to go see it. It will be like a terrible car accident I can resist rubber-necking at.

Paula said...

Oh Dear! That is just Awful!
I think that is the best of all classic movies never to be altered or remade!
It is my Dads favorite and his toes will curl when I tell him about John Cleese!
Why? Why, I ask you must they destory just a classic with Buffoons! Why?

Paula said...

P.S. Everyone at my house just watched fantasia the other night.
I will always feel that is one of the best Disney creations made.

Jennifer said...

I'm sorry about the remake. I don't see the reason for remaking classic films, but I harbor a deep and abiding love for Keany Reeves, so will probably see it.

adrienne said...

I hate to say it, but the remake may well be Keanu's best acting to date. Sigh - what will they do next?

Larjmarj said...

You've got to be kidding...ugh. One of my fave movies too. Some things just don't need to be remade but then again Hollywood is completely out of ideas.