29 June 2008

hell in a handbasket, part 2

Go here. Read this.

Bring tissues.


Carrie K said...

Oh no. Worse yet, I now want to see Romeo & Juliet translated into LOLcat. Possibly Richard III.

Heather said...

I will try to put this as eloquently as I can...LOLspeak scares the crap out of me.

Qutecowgirl said...


My english teacher friend told me that this happened to her:
She told her students to right a short essay about the book they were reading in class as a quiz. She showed me the essay. The student wrote it in text message lingo. She gave him a zero and the parents called to complain that their darling son did not deserve a zero because his answer was correct!! I do not know what is worse sometimes the kids or their parents.


Donna Lee said...

The Bible has been translated into lolcat. It made me laugh out loud, srsly.

Paula said...

Ack! Where is the world headed to?
Deeper than the handbasket of hell that is for sure!