28 March 2008

Friday fill-ins

1. Some relationships are meant to be.
2. Richard Thompson is the last concert I saw; it was splendid, as his concerts always are!
3. Spring should be less full of allergens ; they distract from the beauty.
4. Oh no! I forgot that I shouldn't wear Keds to work!
5. I've recently started to love knitting lace.
6. The AFLAC duck never fails to make me smile.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to a Greek salad, tomorrow my plans include writing a long book review at Barnes & Noble, and Sunday, I want to knit at Panera with my Ravelry peeps!


Jack said...

Enjoy your weekend and Greek salad!

Bridget said...

Mmm. Greek salad.

Did you knit with your Ravelry peeps last Sunday - 'cause that would have really been appropriate! (You know Easter and peeps? Oh never mind.)

chikku said...

knitting seems interesting.. enjoy ur salad and have lots of fun this week end...good one on #3

chikku :)

KnitNana said...

Lace? LACE???
Do tell...

sister AE said...

Hmm, somewhere I have notes from my grandmother on how to crochet lace, but its been many years since I had a crochet hook in my hands!

Pooch said...

Ah, the AFLAC duck, one of my heroes! Not afraid to go forth where no duck has gone before!


Aunt Kathy said...

sure wish I was close enough to knit with Ravelry peeps, but not to be. Oh well

Cindy said...

Hope you got to do it all.

Paula said...

ahhh the Aflac duck!
he does bring on the smiles.