04 January 2008

Of stars, mittens, and Miss Marple, if you please -

Caitlin has organized another wonderful read-and-knit-along! Do join her for some reading, knitting, and a spot of tea ...

Did you visit Anna at Knit-Write in November? Did you see this Norwegian Star Cap? It's mine!- and it's going to be the inspiration for my first stab at colorwork. Yes, the squirrel and oak mittens. I'll cast on as soon as I get yarn to match the hat. Carrie, of these gorgeous Selbuvotter, has agreed to cheer me on.

I can not begin to tell you how glad I am that Barak Obama won the Iowa caucus. Onward!


amy said...

Oh, me too on Barak Obama!! And you know my vote (here in little ol' RI) won't count for anything in either the primary OR the general election. Sigh. It doesn't stop me from voting, but it does get to be a bit dispiriting.

Sandra Evertson said...

Wonderful blog!
Sandra Evertson

KnitNana said...

We have much to look forward to!

Jennifer said...

Colorwork is lots of fun! I'll cheer you on too.

Running Knitter said...

I will cheer you on as well, and you will have inspired me to try it too. :)

Anna said...

Cheer ,, cheer cheer!

And Miss Marple!!! I love the Miss Marple books, and the '80s bbc series. I haven't watched any of the movies or the more recent series though. I am so in on this.

Bridget said...

Pretty hat! I hope you'll enjoy colorwork, so we can try to compare notes.

OfTroy said...

me, too! I love color work.. there is only one problem.. its hard to put down..

is is so much fun watching the design appear beneath your fingers.. all to quickly, (magically) your finger learn the pattern (and feel mistakes before you see them!)

I am sure color work exist, because knitters, (not the wearers) loved to knit it.
(if you get stuck, request that i come to haupaugge, (or get yourself down to west babylon)

sunt_lacrimae_rerum said...

I can't wait to see your progress with the mittens. Working with color can be very exciting--difficult--but the results can be so very dramatically exuberant when you figure out how to get that tension precisely perfectly. And then you need to also worry about the yarn tension too.

I'm with you on Miss Marple, Barack
and the gorgeousness of the hat.


pixie girl said...

Cheering you onward with the hat!

Coughing through the cheers all the way around this post,