01 January 2008

Ms. Tigerpaw speaks of ch-ch-changes

In 2008, I resolve to seek...
... courage to follow my creative path with my pen and with my needles. I want my pen to write many letters, journal with honesty, continue writing the fictions it has begun, and practice compassion when I lose heart.
... continued learning for my needles. In 2007, they first knitted cables and (oh joy!) socks! In 2008, they will learn how to work Fair Isle, continue to knit for charity, create clothing for a very special baby, and be open for adventure.
... opportunities to express gratitude to my husband, my family, and my friends.
... new friendships in knitting groups, book discussions, and (perhaps) political activism.
... health, through exercise, attention to medical and emotional issues, fewer carbs and more protein, and (shudder) some quality time in the kitchen.
... inner peace, through meditation, mindfulness, gratitude, attention to synchronicity, and compassion.
... world peace, through whatever means possible or necessary.

Specifics? Well, take the quality time in the kitchen. My husband and I deserve better than pasta and steamed vegetables and left-over restaurant food. Although he is not a vegetarian, he enjoys tofu dishes, and it would be a mitzvah for us both if I expanded my culinary skills.
Fair Isle? I want these mittens with a truly bizarre hunger, and I shall knit them.
I have lots and lots of specifics that I will journal about today - how many pounds I want to lose, the chapters I need to "snowflake" (thanks, Anna!) to make progress on my novel, how I'll get my checkbook balanced, specific knitting goals (including a pair of socks every month), plans for the piles and drawers and shelves that need to be decluttered to make room for thought in my home. My pen and a new notebook (thanks, Janet!) will be busy.
But for today, for here, I want to focus on the path, not the instruction manuals and tools, because what I need more than anything is a sense of direction. I've been disorganized, dazed, cluttered, depressed, frightened, and reactive for far too long, especially in the last few months. If I can see where I want to go, it'll be possible to get there.

** Ms. Teabird Tigerpaw is my avatar on Second Life**


Penny said...

{hugs} here's to a year of what it needs to be.

amy said...

Best of luck and good wishes for a happy and productive 2008. I hope your path leads you to exactly where you hope to be. :)

Piglottie said...

It sounds like a very good path to me - and if meanders a bit, well, its all part of the journey. And I'm another one who would like to knit Fair Isle though it makes me tremble slightly.

Much joy, peace and laughter for you in 2008.

Donna Lee said...

Identifying the path is the hard part. The other bits will come.

OfTroy said...

here is a trick to balance check book.
write all checks to even numbers (ie, $10.00, not $9.43)

its alot easier to balance with all those even numbers.

LIPA? if the bill is $123.68, give them 125.00 (they'll credit you the $1.42 cents--they have mountains of accounts employed to do just that!

Most credit cards will not charge you interest if you balance is under a $1--so don't worry if you want to round down! (and pay $178.00 on a $178.13 balance due!)

there will be some uneven numbers (you pay stub, and other deposits!)

and once a year fee's (like driver registration) but changing the bulk of you bills to round numbers helps!

Bridget said...

After seeing proof of how well you do with socks, I think you have a good chance of accomplishing quite a bit of your goals this year!

It must be The Year of Fair Isle Education, 'cause learning fair isle is one of my resolutions too ...

Jennifer said...

Great and noble goals all! Much support to you with achieving them.

nancy said...

How cute are those mittens! There are so many squirrels where I teach now that these would be highly appropriate :)

And the author in question is Robin McKinley***CV

sunt_lacrimae_rerum said...

Thank you! Your last two posts have me completely inspired and in copy-cat mode. The mittens are delightful.

I love reading your blog. It's a perfect mix for me of most of the things I am interested in myself.

Granny Smith said...

Any one of your goals will be a great accomplishment. Do you have any idea of how we can work for world peace?

I so enjoy your blog! It is always an inspiration.

pixie girl said...

I am inspired by your blog and recent posts as well:)!
I think knitting in the kitchen counts as quality time, don't you?

KnitNana said...

I have faith that you will become what you need to be as you need it!
And those mittens are adorable...

I so knew you could knit socks! *wink*

Carrie K said...

The mittens must be knitted! Or something like that.

Hoping 2008 is everything you want it to be and more. BTW, Ms. Teabird Tigerpaw is a fabulous name.

Khadijha Caitlin said...

I too am making a new year resolution ~ I will let go of the things I cannot control and take more time to enjoy those little joys in life.

nonizamboni said...

Inspiration just flows from your blog to mine! Thanks for putting these specifics down succinctly and with compassion. I think I m-i-g-h-t be able to do the same.
So here we go: knit on, eat well and look around (I love the Spanish 'mira').
Happy weekend!