24 January 2008

Emma; or, my Dublin Bay sock is not blue

dublinHere is the beginning of a Dublin Bay sock that may look rather blue, but isn't. In real life, the Wildfoote luxury sock yarn is delicious and soft and very, very purple. The pattern calls for 72 stitches. I brought it down to 48 because, as we know, I am a loooose and sloffppy knittur knitter.

These socks are for a knitalong on Ravelry, and a knitalong with Anna. The "Austentatious" group is reading and knitting Emma, Jane Austen's matchmaker. Hence, a paired project! Not only are socks "paired" by nature, but the design on the sock is "paired" - one lovely, lacy panel down each side of the leg.

When I followed up on Ryan's description of the design, I discovered pictures of the Dublin Bay climbing roses that inspired the name. Aren't they lovely?


Paula said...

Oh I love that color purple!

I think you are a beautiful knitter!
I am grateful for the knitter diversity, if everyone knit the same then that would make the knitting Nazi's happy and we don't want that!
You know Elizabeth Zimmermann was a Very loose knitter and she would always knit with needles several sizes smaller to get gauge.
She also said, in the Knitting Workshop video, that loose knitters live longer and tight knitters need to loosen up.

sunt_lacrimae_rerum said...

That's a wonderful pattern and color choice. Just simply beautiful.

BettyBoop53 said...

Beautiful pattern. I usually have to go down at least one needle size on projects especially small projects because I knit that much larger. I'm told the way I carry my yarn (I'm a lefty) is why I don't knit to gauge.

I remember reading in some novel years ago (Jane Eyre?) how everyone had to learn to knit to the same gauge so no one could tell who knit one sock from another. Can you imagine?

Jennifer said...

Dublin Bays are so fun to knit! What a deep rich purple color you're using. Gorgeous!

Running Knitter said...

I love the color and the pattern. Thank you for sharing the link to the pattern. I'm going to add it to my queue. :)

Aunt Kathy said...

You know purple represents ROYALTY, those socks look like they would be for a queen too. I love them.

KnitNana said...

I'll be interested in what you think of the Wildfoote. I don't particularly care for it, myself. But the colors are gorgeous!
Not fair, huh?

Larjmarj said...

Love the socks and the color! I tend to knit loosely too, my jaywalkers are ginormous!

Cindy said...

These are some beautiful socks! What a good idea to do a knitalong/readalong! I haven't read any of the Austen ladies' books in a long while...maybe I should drop in.

Heather said...

beautiful socks - great yarn/pattern paring. Enjoy!

Donna Lee said...

What a great pattern. It reminds me of the fools rush pattern. I love the side designs. Your purple yarn looks deep and rich, just perfect for a simple pattern like that.

pixie girl said...

Those are lovely - you are becoming quite an expert!