20 November 2007

Thank you!

Bridget at The Ravell'd Sleave just gave me this award! I'm so pleased - she's one of my favorite people, and we hang out at some of the same places online, so I'm glad she likes my company and doesn't just put up with me.......

Now I get to give it to 5 people. (Just 5? Gracious.) In no particular order, these women (plus dozens of others...) make me smile:

Anna of KnitWrite
Crescent Knits Caitlin
Paula the Basset Knitter
KnitNana Sallee
On the Needles Stephanie.

All of these lively, funny, creative women have become close and dear friends over the last few years. Go and visit them!


KnitNana said...

Oh, MY! Thank you! I so enjoy spending online time with you, too, you know?

Anna said...

Thank you!

Bridget said...

You are welcome! I am so happy we have become friends.

Jennifer said...

You make me smile! You definitely deserve the award. :-)