30 November 2007

meme, via Carrie and Kim -

  • Two names you go by: teabird and melanie
  • Two things you are wearing right now: blue socks with a teacup pattern, forest green t-shirt
  • Two of your favorite things to do: knit and write letters
  • Two things you want very badly at the moment: more tea and enough yarn to finish a hat
  • Two favorite pets you had/have: Marlo (the dearest cat in the world), and Cio Cio San (the smartest cat in the world)
  • Two things you ate today: plain fat-free yogurt and Post cranberry-almond cereal
  • Two people you just talked to: (does e-mail count?) my husband and Maven
  • Two things you're doing tomorrow: having tea and a browse at Barnes & Noble, and reading
  • Two longest car rides: Montreal, and Washington D.C. (both from Long Island)
  • Two favorite holidays: Halloween, and Winter solstice
  • Two favorite beverages: tea, and tea


Carrie K said...

Tea and nothing but tea, I take it?

A gummy bear tarot? Oh. My.

Jennifer said...

Tea... I love tea too. I think I shall go make some now!

Leslie Shelor said...

Nothing better than a cuppa! But gummy bear tarot.....sigh!

BettyBoop53 said...

Tea, favorite pen and ink, music, lots of music.

Heide said...

Hello Melanie. I'll take coffee, tea... caffeine in just about any form is acceptable. If you really want the yarn on my site then let me know. Thanks for coming to visit too!