08 October 2007

Anne, caps, and a peaceful day

It's so lovely to have a day off. The only sound in the house is the whirr of the washing machine. Earlier, you would have heard buzzing; that was the sound of my defuzzerizer. (Translation: lint and pill remover.) Once the laundry is done, I shall settle down, listen to Anne of Green Gables, and knit.

My thoughts and energies have been darting about, exhibiting and causing great mischief. Therefore, I've been doing small knits - a dishcloth, hats - and only doing larger or longer projects a half hour at a time, if that long. Still, I have gotten some things done.

In the picture: a pink beanie for Caps for a Cure, and the beginnings of a red Spiral Preemie cap. (The hat is so cute that I want to bite it.) I started the hat at the beginning of last night's Yankee game. I'm sure every Yankees fan's emotions were spiraling until we had a comfortable lead. (Damn that Steinbrenner!)

The blue lace scarf is Barbara Walker's vine lace, and the yarn is Starry Night. I had a couple of really bad false starts with the pattern because I didn't read the last lines - i.e., end K2, or end K1. After a few "why do I keep ending up with 2 extra stitches?" experiences, I went back to the book... I'm substituting Slip 1-knit1-psso for the SSK because I hate SSK (and because Barbara Walker says I can).

Although I still plan to knit mittens for Anne of Green Gables, I have decided that this scarf will also be a project for Anne.

  • "Listen to the trees talking in their sleep," she whispered. "What nice dreams they must have." The scarf will the her night sky.....


Sarah said...

Ooh, Starry Night is beautiful! I'm kicking myself for not signing up for that club (although my budget thanks me).

I love me a good SSK, but right now I hate hate hate K2togs on US1 needles...

amy said...

Beautiful WIPs, and a nice project for the Anne KAL.

I think it best we not discuss baseball.

Your friend in New England :-)

Bridget said...

Everything looks so nice!

I'm jealous because: a) you had a day off, and b) your team is still in the playoffs!

Jennifer said...

Lovely WIPs! Great use of Starry Night. Small projects are good! They often keep me sane.

Donna Lee said...

From a Philadelphia perspective, baseball is a bad word. I downloaded Anne of Green Gables to listen to but haven't gotten to it yet. I have somehow managed to miss it all these years, although my girls have all read and loved it. My brain is not functioning well enough for anything more complicated than monkey socks.

KSD said...

"Defuzzerizer" is (I've just discovered)a difficult word to type, but a lovely one to gaze upon.

Glad you had a quiet day.

Terri said...

Hi - I found you kn the KTS4. I hope you don't mind if I pop in and read you from time to time. I am a knitter too and this is my 3rd Swap. I missed the very first one.


Paula said...

I love the Starry night yarn!
that is one of my favorite paintings too!
I am so glad you are knitting it for Anne!
I have already decided on my Anne Project and I am keeping it secret.
I love this story.
It makes all my bad days go away when I can sit for several hours and jump into Anne's world!

KnitNana said...

Soooo pretty (all of it, but especially Starry Night!) - and isn't Anne fun, listening instead of reading?

Carrie K said...

The lace pattern is really pretty. You want to bite the preemie cap? lol! But I understand the impulse.

Little knits are nice. Pairs, not so much.