08 September 2007

synchronicity and dada in random online generators , a meditation

The first contest for Paula's Short Story Month was to submit a first line. My submission -- I think someone set my cell phone to stun -- probably won't even be my first line. (In fact, it reads more like the caption to a cartoon than a line for/from a story. Too bad I can't draw.)

However, in the hands of the masters, any line can become meaningful. Paula urged us to submit our first lines to the Bad Poetry Generator, for fun and, perhaps, inspiration. Here's what I was given:

I think someone set my cell phone to stun
Now that I've brought you a box of small turtles,
things are not always as they appear
dress'd in drag as anne of green gables

Now, this may read as word salad to you, but look to the sidebar. What see'st thou there? Why, it's the Anne of Green Gables Knit and Read Along!

Will Anne be in my story? She certainly shall be invited!

Now excuse me while I shop around for Anne of Green Gables tarot cards.


Paula said...

Oh that is truly scary!
But see, quite inspiring.
I think I would like to see a small box of turtles!

Paula said...

Not to be cheeky or anything but after a second glance, that particular picture of Anne of Green Gables does look like a boy in drag. ;)

Bridget said...

Kind of a Twilight Zone moment ...

pixie girl said...

Spooky:)! I'll have to try that - I like the turtles bit!!