16 August 2007

Summer Camp Swap - Ravelry

I am ashamed of myself - I have not written about the utterly cool Ravelry Summer Camp Swap. My camp buddy, Rosie G, sent me a package (actually, Hermione sent it...) that included a book that I've been reading almost obsessively since it arrived - Folk Socks - and other lovely things - Panda sock yarn, a peacock pen, a totally cool notebook, a crystal-clear bag for my knitting things... (How did she know how disorganized I am, how I can never find my stitchmarkers or point protectors? I guess she knew my Luna Lovegood characteristics!) She was my partner, too, and she enjoyed the package that I/Luna Lovegood sent her, too.

Go visit Rosie! You will enjoy her blog and you will drool at her knitting designs. I promise!

Just a taste of what she sent me - see the peacock pen? It's ravishing!


Jennifer said...

I didn't know there is swaps on ravelry... hmmm...

The Soapy Knitter said...

i'm glad you got it and are enjoying everything! i love that book too and it has sooo many helpful tools in it (heels and toes options ROCKS).

knit on!



Carrie K said...

Sounds very cool!

And happy birthday.

Paula said...

Oh I have that folk socks book and it is one of my very favorites!