21 August 2007

Short story writing month

Paula is hosting Short Story Writing Month from September 1 to October 1.

Every year, I try to do NaNoWriMo without success (however you define it). This challenge will be, as Paula says, a good way to "help condition our minds and fingers for that brain bending November event."

I'm going to ink up my fountain pen and line up my notebooks!


Paula said...

I am excited about this. It is going to be fun!
I have all my pencils sharpend and lined up next to the notebooks!

pixie girl said...

I think I could pull together some of my looong emails concerning the "predicament" we've spoken of, teabird, and make it a short story:)! Is that National Novel Writing Month - I keep forgetting!

Anna said...

Sounds fun. I might join this one.

Dorothy said...

Super! I signed up. Also, I introduced her SSWM to my Thursday Thirteen group. Maybe that will bring in more writers.

Paula said...

Good Morning!
I just posted the 1st contest on the Short Story Writing Month site!