10 August 2007

Red Scarf project

The Red Scarf Project was so overwhelmed last year with all of the scarves that it has asked to receive this year's scarves between 1 September and 15 October.

I started the Yarn Harlot's one-row handspun scarf last night in Wool-Ease Dark Rose Heather, and finished almost 10" in an hour. This is my favorite scarf pattern. It looks beautiful and drapes gracefully in any yarn, any gauge, any color, and it knits up amazingly fast. I have enough in my stash for at least two scarves, and maybe a hat for Caps for a Cure.

(I've been depressed and withdrawn for awhile. Knitting for others is one of the best ways I can distract myself and remind myself that the miserable cycle is just that, a cycle, and the mandala will abide.)


Pat said...

Hope you're feeling better soon!

Heather said...

Hang in there, it will pass. Pema Chodron has some great readings on how to work with these times in your life.

Bells said...

hey Melanie - sorry to hear you've been out of sorts. Go the red one row scarf. An inspired choice - and a favourite of mine as you know. Show us a photo!

I've seen friends make about five of them recently and each one looks fantastic.

Bridget said...

I'll bet you're just feeling that way since you found out that I have that Mr. Ed book ... you're just jealous, right?? ;-)

Take it easy, and enjoy your knitting. What could be better?

Raw Edges said...

on my own for the weekend and surfing for the perfect Red Scarf pattern myself.

Carrie K said...

How wonderful that knitting or doing for others can make you feel better!