13 July 2007

don't fear the gusset, and other stuff

Bluejean (Tour de France) sock #1 is a few rounds past the gusset, but I'm going to frog back tonight because I realized I wasn't sure if there's a difference between "pick up" and "pick up and knit." About 15 minutes after I posted a question on Ravelry, I was led to this: Grumperina's elegant, easy, and DOH! - inducing method for picking up the gusset stitches. I'll never fear the gusset again.

I also found this - FluffyKnitterDeb uses a darning egg when she does the kitchener toe. Is that perfect, or what? (Let's all beg Pat at Flaming Lotus to make them for us...) (We also want him to make wands...)

(By the way, Ravelry is just amazing.)

Dorothy tagged me for a music meme, and I'll do it this weekend.


Paula said...

that is a clever idea using a darning egg for the Kitchner stitch.
My darning egg is a big wooden egg that I got in an easter basket as a kid.
My sister and I would roll it around on the floor.
Now it is a sock darning egg.

Jennifer said...

Using a darning egg is a great idea!

KSD said...

Could it be I can comment now????

Might be able to do that, but I never have mastered a darning egg. . .

pixie girl said...

I use my darning egg for weaving in the ends of my hats up at the top. I used to throw them over my knee, but then asked for a darning egg, et voila! My former antiques dealer Mum whipped one out from nowhere :)! I don't really make socks, and I don't know how to darn, really. But that's okay:).