12 June 2007

it's a sock!

I made every possible mistake, right down to dropping the toe stitches while I was doing the kitchener thing, but -- I made it through a sock!
Behold --
it's a sock


Stephanie said...

Wow! It IS a sock! Congrats. I know I felt like a "real" knitter when I knew I could do socks. All the skillz are right there.

Now I want to try a short row heel rather than a flap. But that won't happen this summer - strictly gater stitch squares for me right now. :)

amy said...

Congratulations! I once had to pick out Kitchener (on a mitten, I think) because I'd dropped a stitch all the way at the beginning. Here's to gaining confidence! :-)

Bridget said...

HOORAY! I knew you could do it, and the sock looks great! I knit socks quite a bit, and there are always dropped stitches, kitchener mistakes, etc., so don't let that get to you too much.

Great job, be sure to show everyone when you wear them!

KnitNana said...

I knew it I knew it I knew it!!!
You had it in you, you were just that great a knitter...and of course you made mistakes, are you perfect? I'm not!

Give this gal a Knitter's Standing Ovation!
(slip a crochet hook in that Posy Sock Sack so you can catch those dropped stitches quick!)

I'm soooo proud of you! Now...get busy on that second sock right away - NO SSS for you!
(especially since you're going to have a skein of Roxanne's bamboo sock yarn coming your way in just about 1.5 months, right?

Jennifer said...


pixie girl said...

Woo-Hoo is right! Well done and BRAVA, my friend:)! Now I must get going and make a real sock, not one that's felted down to size, effectively erasing any errors;)!

Carrie K said...

Behold: The SOCK!

Congratulations on this knitting milestone! [wipes away a proud tear]

It's Me...Maven said...



PS: This comment is brought to you by way of the Caribbean, somewhere between Puerto Rico and St. Thomas!

Bells said...

and what a fabulous sock it is. Well done Melanie! Welcome to sock knitting. I was in the same place as you six months ago. Such a proud moment!

Anna said...

Well done!

Khadijha Caitlin said...

It looks wonderful!!!!!!! Your instep looks a thousand times better then mine. Oh I am so happy for you! Don't they feel great?!?!

Paula said...

Hey that is a great sock!!!
Congratulations and welcome to a new addiction! :)