09 May 2007

Meet Themius, avatar from "The Golden Compass"

Since I read this series, I've wanted my own daemon -- an animal spirit and companion. If you visit the website for the film, you can create your own daemon avatar.

I have to say that I'm way too happy that mine is a crow. I love crows - beautiful, sociable, intelligent birds who sometimes serve as tricksters in folklore. Themius is exactly the companion I need - an unafraid, crafty survivor - to fill in the gaps in my own life!


Would you like to meet your own daemon? Click here -- and let me know who you meet!


pixie girl said...

That is a fantastic daemon - I really like crows, too - they are quite amazing:)!

Stephanie said...

Unfortunately my deamon would probably try to eat yours. I ended up as the ocelot. Probably because I said I didn't like strangers or crowds. :)

KnitNana said...

I took it twice. I'm a crow one way I answer, and a tiger the other.
Hmm....and the TRUE me? Well, One I took under Knitnana (the crow) and Nana Sadie is the tiger.
Interesting...And I don't know the book!

Bridget said...

Creepy time again ... I love this series! And have longed for my own daemon since I read the first book!

Time to find out what I'll get!

Becky said...

Isn't it cool having your own daemon companion? It's an interesting game.

Paula said...

My Husband just handed me the series yesterday and I am part way through the first book! I love it already!
I am sad I can't get the daemon game to work on my computer.
I will try that site later when my computer wiz comes home.

Paula said...

Okay I finally was able to play the game and it said I was the fox.
I put him on my site.
P.S. I read the interviews with Pullman and they were very fascinating and his website is quite interesting.
I had a lot of fun visiting there today.

meli said...

I'm a crow too. I'm not sure about that, though...

Choc0late said...

My DaEmoN iS A cRoW..aNd i'M PROUD oF iT{!}WoW{!}My HarActErisTiC wAs
ThaT i'M ModEst,iNquIsiTivE,rEsPonSibLe,FicKlE anD a LeAdeR...I tHinK thAt's RigHt{!}So,I'M hAppY tO tEll U thAt mY DaeMon's NamE iS AcHeAn{!}