24 April 2007

I think I've got it

My first sock
At least, I've gotten the hang of the DPNs.

When last we saw the sock, it was a mere cuff of a thing. That cuff is gone, frogged past its ladders.

This is the new cuff, and just a hint of leg.

Why did I only cast on 48 stitches? Damned if I know. I thought that's what the yarn/foot circumference said in
Sensational Knitted Socks. (It didn't.)

I don't know who this sock will fit. Maybe it'll just be a souvenir of my first attempt. Whatever - I'm having fun with it.

(K1P2 for the cuff, garter rib for the leg, and #1 needles, which I'm beginning to enjoy.)


Becky said...

It's amazing how those little needles start to feel good, isn't it? You are doing great. I have a little practice sock in my stash as a momento of my first sock knitting experience. :)

Bridget said...

It looks great! And it may fit you, since my socks at least, always look a lot smaller on the needles than they are once I put them on.

Good for you - congratulations!

Bells said...

Fabulous! my first socks were anklets, just so that I could get the basics without spending ages bored to tears by a whole leg's worth of stockinette.

Stephanie said...


It's better if they don't fit you. You can't actually wear your first ever handknit socks. :)

pixie girl said...

oooo - now I really want to make socks for real - on little needles! I think I'll bind off the little but big, and first, practice toe I have done, and I'll have a lipstick holder:)! Nicely done:)!

KnitNana said...

THAT'S FANTASTIC! Yes, you're surely on the road to prolific sock knitter now!!!
(wanna try a toe-up?)

Jennifer said...

Yay for first socks! There's nothing wrong with knitting a first "test" sock. It doesn't need to fit you.

nonizamboni said...

Nice work! I remember the first sock I did just got bigger and bigger. . .it now is proudly hung on the mantle in hopes that St. Nicholas will have enough to fill it.

Kim said...

You are doing a wonderful job on your fist sock! Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on my first sock! I'm almost scared to turn the heel but at the same time excited.

Can't wait to see how yours comes out!