11 March 2007

Project Spectrum - blue and white

What do all of these objects have in common?

All were gifts!

pen and doily
Fountain pen from Stephanie.

Bottle from Kim.

handspun scarf

Scarf, using handspun/dyed wool bought at a fair by my friend Denise, and Yarn Harlot's one-row handspun scarf pattern - the real colors are not quite so bright.

I have a generous spectrum of friends!


Bells said...

beautiful gifts!! Isn't it cool to receive stuff in the mail?

Bridget said...

What a nice post. I think they all go very nicely together.

Jennifer said...

Fun gifts!

Paula said...

I like the color of your scarf.
Is that a fun pattern to knit?
It looked interesting when I was reading about it on the Yarn Harlot's site.

P.s. I am finally getting to go see her when she comes to Oakbrook, IL. :)
Will you see her when she comes to New York for the giant knitting thing?

pixie girl said...

Lovely gifties:)! I'll have to look up that pattern.