08 January 2007

with the best of intentions -

balloonsJanet's post today is just so funny - and for some reason,it reminded me of this :

When I took a writing class in 1968, one of the assignments was to explicate "The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom." I wrote a pretty little tale about a little boy whose balloon is destroyed by the glowing end of a cigarette.

(My professor called me into his office and asked what the [expletive deleted] a balloon had to do with William Blake. I don't think I offered a satisfactory answer.)

Today, I'd write about two women in my town who resolve to trim their excessive food habits. They drive to Weight Watchers only to discover ... that its next door neighbor is Coldstone Creamery. Do they resist, and enter the palace of wisdom? And if so, is it decorated with fuzzy dice?

(Is this better, Professor [expletive deleted]?)


Paula said...

Oh coldstone creamery, soooo good.

But that is a great story idea with the weight watchers next door.
It would take some serious will power not to go in there instead of the weight loss place.

Moon Rani said...

In the city where I used to live, there was, in fact, an ice cream shop next door to Weight Watchers. I asked the ice cream shop clerk if business improved right before or after the meetings next door, but he didn't understand.
Write your story! I like it.

KnitNana said...

Great idea - go for it!
I have no idea if I'd be strong enough to withstand that temptation...

KSD said...

"Professor": One who seeks to enlarge his own ego by humiliating others.

Sad, but too often true.

Carrie K said...

So what does a balloon have to do with Wm Blake? Just unclear essay directions?

Oh yum. Coldstone creamery. Cake batter ice cream.

Excuse me, I'll just be a minute.....

Jennifer said...

A coldstone next to a weight watcher's? Now that's just cruel.

pixie girl said...

Write the story, and Prof. Expletive can expletive off! I love it! Tell us more about the balloon story, too!