15 September 2006

froggie went a'courting

Well, well, well. I made a momentous decision. I frogged the shawl that I'd started in July (and we live on a court). It was almost 18" long, and it was almost mistake-free. So why did I frog it? Because I hated it. I loved the razor shell stitch, but hated the combination of yarn and stitch because it was just too... static.

I've been experimenting with that yarn and various stitches for two weeks. Last night, I realized that I wanted something feathery, to go with one of the metaphors in The Time Traveler's Wife. Voila: feather and fan. Once it's longer than a few inches, I'll photograph it. It's lovely because the waves lapping the shore (if you call the pattern Old Shale) gives the earthy colors texture. The colors are pooling, but I don't mind. It's going to be a scarf, not a shawl. In fact, it may become two scarves. The holidays are coming...

(Some of the unused yarn will be this month's prize on Knit the Classics. It would make awesome socks or mittens.)

My friend Janet is going to start her first pair of socks. I'm jealous. I don't have the nerve to try socks, even though I want these Victorian Diamond Top Socks. Knitpicks says that the pattern is simple. Is it? Has anyone made them? Is there a sock mantra I can meditate upon if I try to knit socks? She's using the book Knit Socks by Betsy Lee McCarthy. Has anyone used this book?


KSD said...

Ah, feather and fan. A great old standby. I found a slight variation on it a while back, called, I think, "Shell and Wave." I'll see if I can find it, and drop a copy in the mail to you.

chittavrtti said...

Oh do try making some socks :) If you can knit in the round then you'll have no problems***CV

Stephanie said...

I'm intimidated by socks still for some reason. I think I really hate picking up the heel stitches and doing the gusset. It just seems like so much going on in such a small area. But I still want to knit socks though!

Jennifer said...

You can so knit socks. I used to be intimidated and now I'm hooked. Go for it!

KnitNana said...

Tell me again why you're afraid of socks? What's the worst that will happen? You just frogged a SHAWL. So you frog a pair of socks and start THEM over, if you're not happy! Right? Is there a difference? Nope.
If I can do it, you can do it!

Paula said...

Gotta love what you are knitting. or at least somewhat like it... or it will end up in the dark depths of UFO land.

I like the idea of the feather and fan for The Time Travelers Wife project. I haven't decided yet what to make. I was thinking about a fluffy blue sweater with a duck on it for Henry!
Or something with the bright blue butterfly on it. Not sure yet.

Becky said...

Knit Socks is a great book. It is so step-by-step that I could do it. Socks still make me a bit nervous and I have done five pairs now, working on a sixth. They aren't hard, though, I'm just a nervous knitter. :) If you can take a class, it's an easy way to get started.

Knit Socks also has options -- you can make the same pattern in different weight yarns. Oh-- and the best thing about knitting socks? Wearing them!