04 July 2006

So tired... but I did climb The Spiral Staircase

My review of The Spiral Staircase is here, on Tea Reads. It's an amazing book - both memoir and religious discussion, melded into a book that is both mystery and journey.

I'm tired from an exhausting and exhilarating day in Manhattan, in 90-degree heat, in 99% humidity. Janet and I spent hours traipsing Fifth Avenue, talking, and indulging ourselves in Kate's Paperie - absolute heaven for stationery/paper/sticker/stamp junkies (which we are). We had breakfast in her hotel, the Parker Meridian - I've never eaten such delicate lemon pancakes before, and I ate them plain because 'twould have been a sin to cover them with anything but the light powdered sugar that already adorned them. Although we write several letters a week to each other, and e-mail daily, we still talked all day, and could have talked more...

Knitting update: I have about 4" of the Wuthering Heights shawl done. I made a mistake after I had done 3". It may be one of my proudest knitting achievements to have ripped the razor shell lace back and gotten it back on the needles correctly. Un-knitting has never been my strong point - not a good thing when one is, at best, a mediocre knitter.

As for the swap at KTC, I'm having a wonderful time reading all of the responses to the questionnaire. I was going to match knitters based on the questionnaires, but (with one exception, which just SCREAMED to be matched with a particular person) (not me), I've been doing the matches at random - these women are all so interesting and smart and creative that any matches will be felicitous.

And now, a nap.


Heather said...

Ah, Kate's Paperie! I loved that shop when I lived in NYC, hope you know about Paper Source a haven for paper addicts!

Sounds like a fun trip!


Jennifer said...

I'm very excited about the KTC swap! I'm already cooking up ideas for my person... :-)

chittavrtti said...

Oh! I didn't realize we were supposed to fill the forms out first. I'm sorry. I'll do that tonight ***CV

Becky said...

Thanks for all your work on the swap. I know it will be fun.

Getting lace back on the needles after frogging is quite a feat. I can't wait to see the shawl.

KSD said...

Save for the suffocating weather, your day sounds absolutely PERFECT. And congratulations on the job you're doing with the KTC swap!!