04 June 2006

What goes better with tea......

... than honey?

I just donated a beehive to the Heifer Project to support Cara (January one) , whose goal is to raise $3600 for this event:


Click here for her Heifer Project Registry. Let's show how generous we tea-sipping knitters can bee!

By the way, here's what Heifer International says about this gift:

Beehives require almost no space, and once established, are inexpensive to maintain. As bees search for nectar, they pollinate plants. Placed strategically, beehives can as much as double some fruit and vegetable yields. In this way, a beehive can be a boon to a whole village.

Although most Heifer partners keep bees as a supplement to family income, beekeeping can be a family's livelihood. Your gift provides a family with a package of bees, the box and hive, and training in beekeeping.

(Hey, it doesn't get any better!)

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chittavrtti said...

I just couldn't resist. I tried. I went away and came back. Especially as you will be reading Bobbed Hair and Bathtub Gin:

Heifer International is the bees knees ;)**CV