29 May 2006

To the moors......

I began to read Wuthering Heights last night, and realized immediately what I want to make for my KTC project - whether I can do it, never mind by the end of June, is questionable: both my knitting skills and my available time are limited. However-

My color inspiration comes from this picture of the Yorkshire Moors:

I chose this yarn:

And the patterm ... I'm still deciding.

On a completely different subject - I told my friend what I did Saturday night, and she insinuated that I was, well, not in my right mind. Such a thing CAN NOT BE. I assured her I was, and it did.

My husband and I stopped to see his parents and to have tea. His father needed help with a repair in the basement. Since it was beastly hot, and since their air conditioning was not working, I followed them to the basement, both to cool off and to play with their very old, very black cat, Moe.

Moe is not allowed in the part of the basement where the repair was being done. Sometimes, though, I pick him up and take him in there for a treat. He cuddles in my arms, looks around, and purrs.

I did, indeed, pick him up, and I did take him into the forbidden room. Since my husband and his father were going to be working there for awhile, I decided to sit down with the cat, whom I was cuddling upside down like a baby. The only available place to sit was on an exercise bike. So, here's the picture that my friend thought was implausible: I'm peddling an exercise bike in a basement, cuddling an upside-down black cat who is falling asleep in my arms and purring.


(In fact, the only implausible part is that I was peddling an exercise bike.)


Stephanie said...

The yarn is beautiful - great choice! I don't even care what you do with it. You could probably just put it all in a pile and take a picture of it & it would still be a great project! :) Maybe I'm exaggerating a tiny bit - but I just love those colors.

Jenni said...

The yarn is a great choice. I am not sure I am going to knit. All could think of so far in some kind of wristlet for Catherines' ghost.

Jennifer said...

Lovely yarn! I can't wait to start reading. I'm still waiting for my copy to arrive from Amazon.

KSD said...

Yeah, the exercise bike part sounded a bit off to me, too. . .

Zee said...

I had such a terrible time with P&P -I dropped it. Wuthering Heights I'm hoping will be much better.

I just realized I left it off my list for this summer. Heh. Need to pick that up.

That is a wonderfully, lovely yarn. Looks like it will be a joy to knit with. *grin*