20 May 2006

Any August babies out there?

Abigail is organizing a birthday swap for us -
August Birthday Swap

- with a really cute button. Drop her a line if you'd like to join.

I'm working on next month's selection for Crafted Poetry: selected poems from Jane Hirshfield's Given Sugar, Given Salt. I will post links and commentary by the end of next week.

And... I'm culling my list for the Reading Challenge. I thought I had it down to ten, which was manageable because I included June's Knit the Classics selection (Wuthering Heights). I was wrong. Thanks to my dear friend Janet, who gave me a copy of Nancy Pearl's More Book Lust (autographed!), I spent about two hours adding titles to my nicely-pared-down list. (I have Nancy's Action Figure at work - she "shusshes" at the touch of a button!) Now I have to edit the list all over again.

And... I'm knitting dishcloth after dishcloth after dishcloth. I sure hope my friends like washing dishes. (I do.) I won't be knitting anything for Pride and Prejudice, but I'm plotting something for Wuthering Heights...


Jennifer said...

An August birthday swap... What a great idea! Too bad I have a June birthday. My lovely daughter is an August baby though.

KnitNana said...

Sigh. My b'day is July. I'll enjoy surfing your blogs tho' to see your fun!
I've only three books on my list right now...but will be adding...thanks for the link to Nancy's! And for visiting my blog!