10 March 2006

Crafted poetry

I just joined a new group, Crafted Poetry. Each month, one of the members will select a poem, or a group of poems, and lead the group in a discussion for the first half of the month. The second half will be devoted to the members' own poetry or other poems that might be linked to the first selection. Any craft is welcome; poetry-lovers who do not craft are welcome. I can't wait to start!
Thank you, Amanda, for starting this group!

I have signed up to lead the group in June, and I have chosen a collection of poems by Jane Hirshfield, Given Sugar, Given Salt. Hirshfield was one of the featured poets in Bill Moyers' Fooling With Words, a PBS series and print collection of interviews with poets. She once took a three-year hiatus to practice Zen Buddhism, and her poems reflect that sensibility.

Can you tell how excited I am about this new group?


KSD said...

Good for you! Not much on poetry myself, but will be watching and reading with great interest.

Zee said...

Sweet! Right down my alley. I'll be on vacation for sometime during June, but I'm really looking forward to you sharing. :)