25 March 2006

April Fool's -- Mystery Swap

This swap was hosted by Knit The Classics. The guidelines were to send your new friend a mystery book by April Fool's Day. I had great fun visiting my giftee's website, and choosing books and goodies for her. Today, it was my turn to receive a package -- and all I can say is -- Wow! Thank you, Ann !

Ann sent me two wonderful books. The first, Susan Wittig Albert's Indigo Dying, is part of a series about China Bayles, a herbalist. I read the first in the series recently, and I've been eager to read more. The second, Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express, is a wonderful choice because... and I can't believe this... I've never read anything by Agatha Christie. I'm sure these will be fun reads.

The goodies she sent along are all delicious: two bars of dark chocolate, one from Cote d'Or, a new one for me, and the other (mmmmmmm) from Scharffen Berger. If you haven't experienced Scharffen Berger's dark chocolate, you are missing a passage to heaven. The other delicious gifts: two skeins of cotton chenille from Crystal Palace Yarns. These will be washcloths - for me!

By the Way, Susan Wittig Albert also writes a mystery series starring Beatrix Potter, and excellent books about creativity and writing. Check out her website and her Amazon Author Profile. Best of all - she's also a knitter!


Jennifer said...

I'm glad you were spoiled by your mystery swap pal!

Zee said...

Sweet! This has been so much fun! :) Enjoy all those goodies.

Carrie K said...

Yum! Scharffen Berger chocolate!

Never read Agatha Christie? That should be a fun read. I think I like her Tuppence and Tommy series the best.

Nice swap pal!