25 January 2006

Four things

Because I can't think of anything else, here's my version of the Four Things meme:

Four jobs I've had:
department store cashier
giver-outer of key chains at a bank opening

Four movies I could watch over and over:
The Day the Earth Stood Still
Barton Fink
Ghost World
(and if I can have two more... Devil Doll, and Mole People, from MST3K)

Four television shows I watch:
Real Time with Bill Maher
X-Files reruns

Four websites I visit daily:
Arts & Letters Daily

Four places I've been on vacation:
San Francisco

Four favorite foods:
strong, black Indian tea (Assammmmmmmmm)
See's dark chocolate almond bark
cranberry oatmeal cookies
mashed potatoes


chittavrtti said...

wow Ghostworld. That film was...hard for me to watch. And I will watch Croenenberg films (but then he does seem partial to Jeremy Irons ;) I think I empathised way too much witht eh characters and just *shudder*. I am so envious of the trip to London *sigh* one day :)***CV

KSD said...

Hooray for MST!! I'm about to post an "assignment" on hand eye, almost entirely to see the responses of a couple of my favorite bloggers --- you, of course, being one.

Did you successfully stave off the cold?

Lady Arden said...

Hi, I travelled here from librarianpirate's blog, who I met on teachat. I just have to ask some things -you love assam tea? Where do you purchase yours and what are your favorites?

What kinds of fountain pens do you like? Fountain pens with cartridges or the older ink and dip style pens?

Er, sorry for so many questions. It's just that I read through your list of things about yourself and identified with many of them. (A few are : I also played violin, viola, and piano and love to handwrite letters.) Hello and I hope to hear back about the teas especially. Thanks!