15 January 2006

Brief knitting update

The diagonal scarf is lovely, but I'm terrified of ruining the silk. I've had to pick out a couple of rows already, and I don't want to become more intimidated - so I cast on the same scarf in WoolEase, just to get the pattern into my fingers. I've had to backtrack a little on this one, too, but the wool is more forgiving, so I'm getting some confidence. Maybe today I'll go back to the silk.

Now, what shall I knit for the next Knit the Classics book (Woman on the Edge of Time)? The main character is a time-traveler, from the future to her present. I was thinking of something with a bit of a metallic yarn, metallic being the usual theme when one thinks of The Future, but as I recall, she experiences two futures. Metallic would fit with one, but it would symbolize the horrible one. I'd rather do something for the more spiritual, magical future. Any suggestions?

I'm going to have to buckle down and make myself a button. (One can not "buckle" a blog.) I don't want one from the "make a button" sites. I want to find a lovely graphic and superimpose text. Pray for me. ( Or tell me how to do it. )


Stephanie said...

I was thnking sci-fi/future too for the Woman on the Edge of Time knit. So I am going to do the alien illusion scarf - which is also for my nephew's birthday!

chittavrtti said...

I found images I liked on the web and saved them to "My Pictures". Then I subscribed to a photo server and uploaded the pictures into an album. Photobucket allows me to size pictures until one fits. I haven't figured out how to put words on it. But the hand / arrow now shows my blog name when it passes over the image***CV