10 November 2005

... and thank you too, Herr Gutenberg

As a librarian, I am enamoured and bedazzled by the riches of Project Gutenberg, where there are thousands of free books to download -- everything from The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci to the complete works of Jane Austen, The Time Machine, and The Kama Sutra. (Got your attention, did I?)

Today, I was browsing my favorite websites, including Moleskinerie, the home of people whose cultish love for their Moleskine notebooks is both inspirational and a tad creepy. One of today's entries was a link to this:

Mrs. Duck

Bunny Rabbit's Diary.

Not only is it one of the cutest books I've ever, ever seen (and you know that I'm a fool for bunnies). It's also downright inspirational for anyone who writes, wants to write, admires writing, or reads.

In fact, it should go on the shelf next to The Diaries of Virginia Woolf...

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tara said...

Hello! I was the recipient of your donation to Give a Little and I just received it-Thank you so much! The yarn is beautiful! My hub is out of town with the camera, so I won't be able to post pics on my blog-but I wanted you to know I received it and I am thrilled! Thanks again!