18 November 2008

even more baby hats - and an insomniac's random thoughts

baby hatsCaps to the Capital will be getting a basket STUFFED with baby hats from the library!

Here are three more of mine - I just can't stop making them. No matter what you do, they are adorable.
my first i-cord - awwwwwww

Insomnia produces random thoughts. Here's my latest:

I do not garden, for so many reasons that they bore even me, and heaven knows I'm not a celebrity.

Even so, I can't help but wish that someone would name a rose after me.
(A tea rose, for sure. Maybe silvery-white to glow in the moonlight. And entirely hypo-allergenic...)


Mistrmi said...

Would that I grew roses --- I'd certainly christen one "Teabird."

Donna Lee said...

I've always wanted to grow roses. My soil would need alot of "improvement" first. And I, too, have wanted to have a flower named after me. I named my oldest daughter Elanor after my husband's mother but spelled it like the little yellow flower in The Hobbit.

Paula said...

When I finish learning how to make cultivars in my horticulture class I will strive to produce a special rose named 'Teabird' that will have genes to the 'Peace' rose.

Larjmarj said...

Cute hats!

Bridget said...

Aren't baby hats fun? I love making them!

We have two rosebushes that are incredibly prolific. And I have no idea why, since we pay very little attention to them ...

But they are sure pretty, and they smell wonderful.

Carrie K said...

Of course a tea rose.

Addictive cap knitting! It's a good thing. And so is a stuffed basket. :)

Paula said...

P.S. I tagged you on my blog