17 September 2008

Billy Collins

Ballistics is the new book of poems by Billy Collins. Here are some excerpts from a few of them --

I am an ant inside a blue bowl
on the table of a cruel prince


There is a light rain.
A figure under an umbrella
is reading from a tick book with a black cover.
("Looking forward")


... this one marks nothing but the passage of time,
I realized, as I lowered a tin diving bell
of leaves into a little body of roiling water.
("New Year's Day")


Maybe I am awake just to listen
to the faint, high-pitched ringing
of tungsten in the single lightbulb
which sounds like the rustling of trees.

I don't want to elaborate on the simplicity of these poems - I just want to love them.


Paula said...

Oh I have not heard of that poet before.
I adore the poems you shared.
I have to look up his work now.
This is why I love your blog, I learn new things everytime I visit!

Leah said...

I love these poems and have not heard of this poet. They are almost like haiku but a little longer. I will definately look out for this book and poet. Thanks for sharing!

Donna Lee said...

He is one of my favorites. I have listened to his audio recordings (youtube has a few videos,too). His voice is wonderful and suits his writing so perfectly.

teabird said...

I just edited the post - these are excerpts from poems, not full poems! Although Leah is right - the excerpts are like haiku - quick flashes of insight -

Unknown said...

We adore Billy Collins, and I can't wait to get his new book. Thanks for the good news!