11 May 2007

Pathways to joy

Melanie (Indextrious Reader) posted this link to 50 Ways to Find Joy. Some of my favorites:

Relish a juicy read. When you start a book and know that it's going to be good, take a moment to enjoy the tingling in your toes.

Keep in touch. Write a friend. Use your best pen and beautiful stationery. Realize that you are actually sending love.

Start a tea party. Schedule a regular tea date with your friends and honor it like any other appointment. During stressful weeks you'll have something fun to look forward to.

Learn elementary botany. Buy a book to show you how to differentiate between types of evergreens and deciduous trees. When you recognize all the trees in your neighborhood, you'll feel closer to nature. (The picture I chose is the eglantine, or sweet briar. I learned about it here.)

Remember kindness. Recall a situation in which a friend treated you kindly. Mentally extend the feelings of joy she inspired back to her.

Marry beauty and practicality. Next time you need an everyday object, like a cereal bowl or a coffee mug, choose the most pleasing replacement you can afford. When you use it, notice its simple elegance.

Answer slowly. Take a deep breath before responding to a question from anyone, whether it's your boss, your mother, or your lover. Chances are you'll say something smarter (and kinder).

and now -- pay it forward..........


Khadijha Caitlin said...

Hi Melanie,
I just wanted to let you know that I tagged you for 8 random things - check out my blog to see. Forgive me - C

Nana Sadie said...

What a lovely post! So many great ideas!

gfh said...

What a beautiful post to think about and do:).

amy said...

I'm going right now to read the rest of them. Thanks!

nonizamboni said...

Thanks for sharing these powerful and fulfilling ideas. . .I really like the 'remembering kindness' because I tend to remember so much of the unkind.

teabird said...

nonizamboni - Alexandra Stoddard writes in this tone, with kindness and grace - you might like her work as well.

Amy, you're welcome!

Caitlin........ actually this meme is fun...